Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daniel and Ginette Mathurin, Continued

So, to recap, there is a claim on the internet that Haiti has more oil than Venezuela. Indeed, where Venezuela is a "glass" Haiti is an olympic sized swimming pool. I have traced this claim to two "scientists" interviewed here, named Daniel and Ginette Mathurin. Their names now come up on hundreds of thousands of web pages.

In a previous blog post I suggested that these two were probably not very credible if indeed they even existed. I now believe they do exist.

See this article. There you can find a story in French about a conference in which Dr. Mathurin was the guest of honor. He was even awarded a placque for his studies. In his keynote, he descants on all variety of topics. Incidentally, we're told he has a MD from the state university of Haiti and then went on to study nuclear fusion in Canada.

OK, sounds a little fishy. Rarely do persons transition from medical doctor in Haiti to nuclear fusion quite so easily. Moreover, I thought Dr. Mathurin's expertise was in oil and geology?

Then we hear (via Google Translate):

"Following the data given by Dr. Mathurin on the true meaning of the philosopher's stone, a nuclear reactor very resistant to the impacts of asteroids that would destroy the planet, details have been articulated on the Haitian containing geological riches of the soil which can produce a superconducting device that can protect the planet from dangerous collisions announced. To a question whether man can also meet the potential of superconducting atomic physics, Dr. Mathurin has advanced anatomical and cultural data to prove that the human body has also, under ideal conditions, opportunities telecommunications, transportation and nuclear defense. "

So, to summarize. 1) Dr. Mathurin and his wife, Ginette, seem to be real persons. 2) They are the ones responsible for the "Haiti has more oil than Venezuela" claim. And 3) Dr. Mathurin also believes that the human body has capabilities for telecommunication and nuclear defense and that he is working on a reactor to fend off incoming asteroids. High-tech stuff

Here's the question for those who believe Dr. Mathurin's estimates on the quantity of Haitian oil. Do you think his views on telecommunication and other matters, as well as the fact that he is an MD that claims to have studied nuclear fusion Canada, might conceivably undermine his credibility on complex geological questions?

We report, you decide.

If you read French or if you want to see a photo of the eminent Haitian philosopher-geologist-MD-nuclear-physicist-poet-oil-pundit, then see:

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Peter Pnin

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